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  • Attend Bi-Monthly Q&A Sessions
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What Providers Are Saying

“EMCT is an excellent resource for emergency medicine providers! The content is comprehensive and user friendly. Great for new clinicians who are entering the workforce or for experienced providers looking to enhance their knowledge base. “

— Nicole Maciejewski, MPAS, PA-C

“EMCT has been really helpful especially in my transition from Family Medicine to Emergency Medicine. The Pathophysiology portion serves as a review and reminder of disease patterns. The work up, diagnosis and management portion is useful for differential diagnosis and helps me focus on what is most important from an emergency perspective. It is a great resource for anyone in Emergency Medicine.”

— Udoh Inimfon, MD

“If you are looking to hire an advanced practice clinician in your emergency department, but you don’t have the resources to train them….look no further than EMCT. EMCT offers a comprehensive, yet easy to follow, training program for advanced practice clinicians transitioning into emergency medicine. EMCT has become my go-to training program, and the results have been outstanding.”

— Cindi O’Boyle, PA-C, EM-CAQ

“EMCT provides exposure to EM specific pathology, scenarios, and procedures that I did not get in PA school. I would highly recommend this program to any APP new to emergency medicine practice.”

— Jesse Quinn, PA-C


Q: How do I attend the Q&A Sessions?

A: Zoom, announcement emails, etc.

Q: Will my progress be saved?

A: Your student progress through the EMCT modules will be preserved as long as your membership is current.

Q: Can my manager / team leader review my training progress?

A: Yes, your supervisor or administrator can have free access to the group functionality of the site and can follow your progress once you agree to join their “group.”

Q: I already completed all of the EMCT training material; do I need to resubscribe?

A: Students frequently find value in reviewing the EMCT material and having it for a resource when practicing clinically. Additionally, the live supplemental review and Q&A sessions are no additional charge and are invaluable for putting your learning to the test as you reflet on real-world situations.


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