EMCT Individual Modules

by | Jul 13, 2021

Emergency Medicine Core Training is the most robust online emergency medicine training available. This program is recognized by ACEPS’s Rural Emergency Care Task Force Summary as a premier option for foundational education, as it provides exposure to conditions across the entire breadth of emergency medicine – knowledge that’s critical for any clinician practicing emergency medicine in EDs across America.

Non EM-trained physicians, PAs, and NPs often have different specialties and strengths depending on where they received their education and which EDs they’ve practiced in. Because of this, for the first time ever, EMCT is offering not only the full course (which covers the breadth of knowledge that Physicians, PAs, and NPs need to be prepared for what they’ll encounter in their work), but also the modules individually so subscribers can choose for themselves how to fill gaps in their education.

This new opportunity means that any physician, PA, or NP can get access to exactly the education he or she needs to supplement the training they’ve already received. There are 14 modules in total.

The Modules

1. Overview Module

2. Cardiovascular Emergencies Module

3. Respiratory Emergencies Module

4. Renal, Genitourinary, and Acid/Base Module

5. Endocrine, Hematologic, and Oncologic Emergencies Module

6. Neurologic and Psychiatric Emergencies Module

7. Gastrointestinal Emergencies

8. Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies

9. Orthopedic and Rheumatologic Emergencies

10. Pediatric Emergencies

11. Eye, Ear, Nose, Throat, and Dental Emergencies

12. Dermatologic, Allergic/Immunologic and Infectious Diseases Emergencies, and Wound Management Module

13. Toxicologic and Environmental Emergencies Module

14. Trauma & Critical Care Module

What EMCT Courses Offer

EMCT brings students to the bedside with actual video patient encounters, radiographic imaging, ECGs, lab studies and more to make this a multimedia approach to learning. Each module offers an academic, evidence-based approach, which provides a comprehensive learning experience with a focus on practical application and knowledge retention.

For example, the cardiovascular emergencies module reviews many common and high-risk patient encounters that the emergency physician and APP need to know, including chest pain, palpitations, syncope, dyspnea, and more. Students will learn the evidence-based approach to managing these presentations. If needed, there is a review of relevant anatomy and physiology at the start of this module followed by an extensive review of a host of pathophysiologic conditions and their treatments. A solid foundational knowledge in CV is imperative to the practice of EM. Upon completion of this module, subscribers will earn 16.5 hours of ACEP and AMA approved PRA Category 1 CME accredited by the ACCME. NP’s earn 16.5 hours of CE, including 2.5 hours of ENP skills/procedural hours.

The Trauma & Critical Care Module begins with a review of EM trauma teams, equipment,  and resources before diving into an extensive series of actual trauma and critical care scenarios, in both adult and pediatric patients. It covers the many vital procedures needed to manage the acutely ill and injured patient, and is sure to prepare students for making those critical decisions quickly and correctly when providing this care. Upon completion of this module, subscribers will earn 9 hours of ACEP and AMA approved PRA Category 1 CME accredited by the ACCME, and NPs earn 9 hours CE, including 9 hours of ENP skills/procedural hours.

Each of the 14 modules is packed with vital knowledge and real-time patient encounters to study. Learn the evidence-based approach to the common, critical, can’t miss, and obscure emergencies that clinicians encounter when working in the ED. Email us at info@emcoretraining.com to get a special promotional discount on the series of modules. When you purchase the full EMCT program, you will also receive twice monthly supplemental presentations that hit the highlights of a wide range of topics from all the modules, and receive an invitation to live review and Q/A sessions, where you can personally interface with content experts.

This page offers more information about EMCT’s course list and provides instant access to purchased courses.