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Emergency Medicine Core Training

Overview of Emergency Medicine Module



Welcome to the Emergency Medicine Comprehensive Course series of modules. In this module we will introduce you to the practice of Emergency Medicine. Most lay people or even students early in their career have a limited view of the scope of Emergency Medicine. Visions of trauma patients, chest tubes, advanced airway procedures and cardiac resuscitations fill the imagination, but these “exciting” aspects of emergency medicine are the exception rather than the rule. The seasoned providers leading these resuscitations are not caught up in the excitement of the dramatic event. Instead they are contemplating the many tasks before them, such as leading their emergency team effectively and safely, assuring that quality care is provided that is appropriate for this specific patient, considering the needs of family, weighing the need for consultation and triaging the other departmental priorities. The many duties and required skills of an emergency medicine provider take years to master and are not captured fully on TV medical dramas or in a brief EM rotation during NP, PA or medical school. There is a lot to know. The goal of this module is to introduce you in a more in-depth fashion to these duties and skills, so you can put the knowledge and skills from the other Emergency Medicine (EM) modules into perspective. We are hopeful that this knowledge will kick start your journey to becoming a trusted, highly competent emergency medicine provider.

Course Curriculum

Module Objectives
Objectives 00:00:00
Background of EM Core Training 00:00:00
How to Use the EM Core Training Modules 00:00:00
Approach to Emergency Medicine Patient Evaluation 00:00:00
Approach to Emergency Medicine Diagnosis and Treatment 00:00:00
Know your Department 00:00:00
Know your Role 00:00:00
Know Yourself and your Limits 00:00:00
Know you Never Know it ALL 00:00:00
Know your EMS Colleagues 00:00:00
Know How to Document 00:00:00
Know your Risks 00:00:00
Know your Breaking Point 00:00:00
Know your Team 00:00:00
Special EM Skills 00:00:00
References 00:00:00
Overview Module Assignment Unlimited

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